Monthly Updates: MAY

Our latest update introduces the Kanban view for task progress, offering a visual and intuitive way to manage tasks with multiple stages.

The Kanban view is a popular project management tool that uses a visual board to track tasks through different stages of completion. It originated from the manufacturing sector but has since been adapted for various business processes.

Use cases:

HR Recruitment:

Stages: Job posting, Application review, Initial interview, Second interview, Job offer, Onboarding.

Benefit: HR teams can visually track candidates’ progress through the hiring process, ensuring no steps are missed and candidates are moved through the pipeline efficiently.

Sales Funnel:

Stages: Lead generation, Contact made, Needs assessment, Proposal sent, Negotiation, Closed-won.

Benefit: Sales teams can manage prospects through the sales process, identifying bottlenecks and ensuring timely follow-ups to close deals.

Implementation Tips:

  • Set Clear Stages: Define distinct stages for your tasks to provide clarity and direction.
  • Regular Updates: Encourage team members to update task statuses regularly to maintain an accurate board.
  • Review and Adjust: Periodically review the Kanban board to identify bottlenecks and adjust workflows accordingly.

By visualizing workflows, teams can ensure tasks are completed efficiently, leading to better outcomes and overall organizational success.

Enhancing Coordination with Real-Time Location Sharing

Efficient coordination is key to the success of off-site operations. To address this need, we introduced a new feature that allows users to add a “location” field in forms using Google Maps. This update enables real-time location sharing, crucial for teams with off-site workers such as logistics personnel, gardeners, and repair technicians.

Use cases:

Logistics: A logistics company can track the real-time location of its delivery trucks, ensuring timely deliveries and optimizing routes based on current traffic conditions.

Benefit: Improved delivery times, reduced fuel costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Field Services: A repair/maintenance company can monitor the location of its technicians, dispatching the nearest available technician to urgent service requests and collect data of duty performance.

Benefit: Faster response times, increased efficiency, and better resource allocation.

Implementation Tips:

  • Regular Updates: Ensure off-site workers regularly update their locations using the new feature.
  • Optimize Planning: Use the location data to optimize planning and improve efficiency.
  • Enhance Coordination: Share location information with relevant team members to improve coordination and response times.
Streamlining Compliance with AI-Based Task Generation from the Rules Module

Managing compliance and ensuring that all tasks adhere to organizational policies, agreements, and SOPs can be time-consuming. Next update is a feature that allows users to create tasks using AI (Magic task button) based on text from policies, agreements, and SOPs directly from the Rules module. This update saves time, ensures compliance, and streamlines the initiation and tracking of obligatory duties.

Use cases:

Policy Compliance: A company can automatically generate tasks based on its data privacy policy, ensuring that all data handling procedures comply with regulations.

Benefit: Reduced risk of non-compliance, streamlined audit processes, and improved data security.

SOP Adherence: A manufacturing company can create tasks based on its standard operating procedures, ensuring consistent adherence to safety and quality standards.

Benefit: Enhanced safety, improved product quality, and streamlined operations.

Legal departments can automate the generation of compliance tasks, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met on time. HR departments can use the feature to manage employee onboarding processes, ensuring that all necessary documentation and training are completed according to company policies.

Implementation Tips:

  • Define Clear Policies: Ensure that all policies, agreements, and SOPs are clearly defined in the Rules module.
  • Leverage AI: Use Magic button to generate tasks based on these documents, ensuring that all compliance requirements are met.
  • Monitor Compliance: Use the generated tasks to monitor compliance and track progress.

See you in our next monthly updates blog :)

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