Information Security Policy

Goal: TUSSolution LLC is dedicated to establishing robust patterns that safeguard the organization's data and information, ensuring their security. We prioritize the development of principles, compliance norms, and proactive measures to prevent, control, and effectively respond to data-related concerns for all stakeholders involved.

Established Standards

TUSSolution LLC enforces the following policies to ensure compliance with international standards and laws, safeguarding the information of all stakeholders.

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ISO 27001 Information Security Standard, ISO 25000 Software Quality Standard, and the NIST-800 Standard

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Cyber Security Act and Personal Data Protection Act

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Data security standards and recommendations accompanying the devices and software used

Roadmap for Establishing an Information Security System

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Formation of knowledge and skills necessary for the formation and implementation of the information security system

Determine and approve the principles, goals, and measures necessary for the implementation of the information security system

Development and approval of the reference model of the information security system

Develop, approve and implement rules and regulations that conform to the standard model of information security system

Establish the normality of operations by regularly measuring and monitoring the information security system

Based on the implementation of the goals of the information security system, regularly improve the system and take countermeasures

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Framework of the Information Security Policy Document


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Google Workspace

TUSSolution uses Google Workspace for internal operations and implements Google Workspace Security Guidelines within this application

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Removable media

A Comprehensive Annual Salary Competitiveness Assessment System based on Surveys

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A Work Management System enabling remote work

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Flexible Working Hour Arrangements to Accommodate Employee Needs

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Desktop Computer

Your Opinion and Initiative are our Values

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Our employees are the primary stakeholders in our system

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An Opportunity to acquire Practical Knowledge that extends beyond what is learned in University

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Employees undergo an Annual Comprehensive Medical Examination

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A Welcoming Office Environment that fosters Creative Thinking

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A vibrant and dynamic team driven by a shared passion for collaborative creation

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