Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the following section for answers to commonly asked questions from users

TUSS D+ Platform

  • Which organization is this digital platform suitable for?

    All. It is suitable for all organizations, regardless of the form of ownership and field of activity.

  • What are the advantages apart from other programs?

    No Code. The main advantage of the TUSS D+ platform is that it can adapt to your organization without writing any code.

  • I recognize that currently, I have to complete numerous paper forms, and I am excited to transition away from paper-based processes.

    Yes. The situation of signing a work report will be removed.

  • Is it possible to restrict access to certain individuals for specific tasks? For instance, investment-related work does not require visibility to medical staff.

    Tasks can be organized into folders, and access permissions to folders can be restricted

  • What is an algorithm?

    It refers to the sequence of interrelated tasks or the sequence of doing the work aimed at realizing the task goals.

Information Security for the TUSS D+ Platform

  • When your organization provides services to a competitor organization of our organization, is there a guarantee that your organization will not see information such as work plans and performance of our organization, and how can you trust that the information will not be disclosed further?

    We adhere to a signed privacy policy agreement to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of information provided by our clients.

  • How does your organization ensure data privacy?

    We maintain compliance with industry standards such as ISO 25000 for program quality, ISO 27001 for information security, and the Cyber Security Act to ensure comprehensive adherence to data security and quality standards.

  • Since it is an open JSC, the rules are open. Is it possible to see the log file of the employee who made the last changes and is it possible to upload the rules?

    It is possible. There is a solution where you can register and configure your company rules |company->Rules|.

  • How long is the temporary suspension specified in the contract?

    As soon as the malfunction occurs, it will be repaired promptly.


  • Which other applications are integrated with the digital platform?

    The digital platform seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, as well as other familiar solutions. Depending on the organization's user count, additional integrations are also available.

  • Will our organization need to allocate computer or server capacity?

    TUSS D+ platform is a cloud-based application, granting you the flexibility to access it anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet-connected computer or mobile device.

  • Is it possible to measure the organization's operational performance on a daily basis, generate monthly reports, and regularly monitor it?

    Yes. Each module contains a dashboard solution.

  • All menus are difficult to use. Can you use only the modules you need to be visible?

    Yes. You can assemble and use the modules you want to suit yourself and your organization's direction of activity.

  • How to calculate VAT /НӨАТ/ receipts for payments?

    The monthly payment per user is 27,000₮, and when including VAT /НӨАТ/ of 2,700₮, the total price with VAT amounts to 29,700₮.